spaghetti marco polo 18.5
bacon onion in a garlic cream sauce

penne bolognese 18.5

spaghetti bruni 18.5
tossed in oil with garlic and chilli

penne gigi galli 21.9
chargrilled vegetables, finished with rocket and topped with fresh parmigiano, served a touch spicy

fettuccine tuscany 21.9
chicken and mushroom in a marsala cream sauce served with tri colour fettuccine

fettuccine nuvo 21.9
prawn & chorizo w/ a pesto cream & toasted cashews fettuccine salmone rossellini 21.9 smoked salmone, capers in a garlic cream sauce

spaghetti marinara 21.9
sautéed seafood in a rich tomato sauce

fettuccine farina 21.9
tomatoes, eggplant, anchovies, capers, olives and chilli

panzerotti 21.9
triangle shaped pasta parcels filled with mushroom, served with a blue cheese sauce and garnished with toasted walnuts and rocket

pansooti 21.9
pumpkin & parmesan pasta parcels served w/ a tomato & cream sauce 

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